19th -21st Jan 2016

It has been over six months since I have looked at and worked on the Koener Collaboration. Back when the project began, I was creating a regular, sometimes daily account of its progress and development. Given the large amount of time that has past, I considered stopping this regular account of the process to focus on some other area of interest. When I thought more about whether or not to continue with an account of the process, I realised that this huge gap was as important an account as anything else in documenting an authentic artistic process. Continual unbroken focused work is not always possible. In this case my compositional work needed to be put on hold to move country from Hong Kong back to Australia (my home country). My office space was packed away into boxes and spent weeks on a boat before arriving at its new destination in Melbourne. But this wasn't the only thing keeping me from my work. As soon as I arrived back in Australia, all my spare time was completely taken over by an enormous two year project that I was responsible for called Anthea's Garden. This involved a crowdfunding campaign, the publication of an illustrated children's book (in collaboration with author Ailsa Wild and illustrator Simon Howe), and a concert season of the work at La Mama Theatre in Carlton with Collision Theory.


AuthorKatherine Rawlings