30th June 2015 (Blue Twilight - Day 1)

I spent a portion of the day writing up program notes and performance directions for Green Afternoon, which I realised that in my excitement at having finished the music, I had forgotten to do. I have decided at this stage not to arrange Green Afternoon for a competition as I was originally considering, as I think this may be too much of a distraction. I feel it is more productive to keep the momentum going by starting on a new piece of music for this collection of paintings. This means that I may be uploading Green Afternoon and making the sheet music available for download in the next few days.  

Blue Twilight - Day 1

I began thinking about which Koener image I would like to compose for next. I have chosen the image "Blue" from her Cantatas for a divine garden. I began in a similar way to the previous piece Green Afternoon - by doing a rough watercolour drawing based on elements from Koener's "Blue" and then brainstorming different concepts that came to mind.

Figure 20.1: watercolour artistic play on Koener's "Blue" from her Cantatas for a divine garden.

Colour play by Katherine based on different elements from Roseline Koener's "Blue"  Cantatas for a divine garden .

Colour play by Katherine based on different elements from Roseline Koener's "Blue" Cantatas for a divine garden.


Brainstorm on concepts drawn from Koener's "Blue" image.

Blue, pink, purple, green, yellow, orange, red, black, light, dark, shiny, spots, lines, circles, shapes, paper, dots, texture, layered, bouquet of flowers, fish in a pond, moonlight shining on the surface of water, petals, leaves and flowers floating on the surface of the water. New title: Blue Twilight   

Based on the order I outlined in Koener Collaboration Day 2, "Blue" will be the fourth piece in the collection. It would benefit the overall collection if it moved at a steady, moderately fast tempo. The first and last piece I envisage being slow and the third may be either slow or fast to contrast with the second and fourth pieces in the collection, as shown below.

Divine Garden order of works and tempo

1 - Yellow Sunrise (slow)

2 - Green Afternoon (steady movement)

3 - Pink Sunset (slow or fast)

4 - Blue Twilight (moderately fast)

5 - Yellow Sunrise II (slow)


AuthorKatherine Rawlings