20th May 2015

Work Specifications

Title: Cantatas for a Devine garden

5 movements

5 minutes in length each 

Total length = 25 - 30min

Today I thought about what each of the movements meant to me, and apart from their depiction as gardens, how each image could be depicted or represented as belonging to one another. I felt that the different dominating colour of each painting could represent different times in the day: morning, afternoon, sunset, twilight and a return to morning. This then provides a rough structure to work with as well as an order in which to place each image and its accompanying movement. Structurally my music often begins and ends with similar or identical content. I have always found this structure of returning to or repeating a segment of music to be deeply satisfying. Like framing a picture. Scientifically, repetition in music (if well crafted) has been shown to be emotionally satisfying because it activates the emotional memory part of the brain (the amygdala) [1] . I have therefore chosen at this stage to musically represent the two yellow paintings (which I have named Yellow Sunrise I and Yellow Sunrise II) by using stylistically similar or identical material for each. These two movements will then musically frame the movements in between.



1 Yellow sunrise I (slow)

2 Green garden afternoon (with steady movement)

3 Pink sunset bouquet 

4 Blue twilight bouquet

5 Yellow sunrise II (slow)


Instrumentation ??


Movement 2: Green garden afternoon

My approach to beginning this work is to view the specific work of art I am working on, in this case "Green Garden" and to come up with small musical motifs that fit with what the work of art subjectively conveys to me. 


Figure 2.1: day 2 small motif


[1] Levitin, Daniel J. This is your brain on music: the science of a human obsession. New York: Dutton, 2006. 163

AuthorKatherine Rawlings