Violinist plays Mozart during brain surgery to conquer 20-year hand tremor. This article talks about a woman violinist who had been suffering with a hand tremor for 20 years. She plays the violin while receiving brain surgery so that doctors can know when a brain pace maker has been positioned correctly, in order to cure the tremor. This amazes me! What a brave woman. I have had a hand tremor (though not usually as bad as this woman's tremor) as long as I can remember, and had to give up performing because any stress would make the tremor worse and I wouldn't have enough control of my hands to be able to play. This ailment brings with it huge feelings of frustration,  shame and embarrassment. I am so happy for this woman, that she has been given a new lease on life. I don't think I would be brave enough to do the same.   

AuthorKatherine Rawlings