I've recently developed a habit of carrying a yellow crayon around with the book I'm currently reading, and highlighting any good quotes or passages I find interesting or useful to me in some way. There is always part of me that feel's like the act of highlighting a book with yellow crayon is a bit sacrilegious, but I love love LOVE this new hobby, and I love being able to flick through my books to these highlighted passages. It makes me feel more connected to the text in some way, and I don't feel like putting the book away on a shelf and forgetting about it if I've taken the time to highlight it. Of course I would never do this to a library book, or to a book that wasn't my own (or my husband's, sorry Luke!)

I just finished reading Austin Kleon's book "Show your work" for the second time today. For any creatives out there, I found this book to be really useful. It gave me loads of ideas on how to connect with people and other artists through the internet. It also talks about the importance of not only sharing a finished product of your work, but also the process behind what you create. If your feeling stuck for inspiration, I recommend giving this book a read. It's not very long and it's easy to skim through pages to look for what's most relevant to you. It's an easy but interesting read.     

AuthorKatherine Rawlings