So after taking a significant break from composition in order to plunge kicking and screaming into the wonderful world of grant applications- ugh!, I feel I can finally breath a sigh of relief and return to writing music again. I often worry about having a break midway through finishing a composition. I think that I'll come back to the work and not be able to find the same frame of mind that I was in when I started writing it. In order combat this fear, I began revisiting the music using my new approach (to everything in life) of small steps. On day 18 (I was suffering from post grant application hangover and with little in the way of a functional brain) I just listened to what I'd written to re-familiarise myself with the music, and noticed that the transition from Section A to Section B didn't feel as smooth as I'd like it to be. I often find that referring back to music that occurs earlier and including it in later sections helps to smooth the transition from one section to the next. So I copied a segment of music from Section A and pasted it a little way into Section B then left the further alterations (making it fit in the music) for another day (like I said: small steps). 

Day 19 (today) I mostly worked on trying to make the aforementioned segment work in the context of the new section of music by tweaking the harmony slightly and making slight variations to the rhythm. I will no doubt make further alterations but this is how it looks today. 

Bars 46 - 49 is the segment that occurs in Section A that I've worked into Section B

AuthorKatherine Rawlings