Today I set myself the goal of writing 4 bars of music. It sounds small I know, but my new approach to everything I do in life is to take small steps. So small you can't fail. For someone like myself with a perfectionist's mentality, this approach is very useful. I got the idea from a book I bought recently called "One Small Step Can Change Your Life - the Kaizen Way" by Robert Maurer. The basic premise is that in taking lots of small steps your productivity ends up being greater than if you try taking large steps. If you make the steps so small you can't fail, there is no resistance by the brain to the new behaviour, and in the end these little steps add up to become an enormous achievement. This is just my very basic summary of what I've taken from the book. There is so much fear that many artists associate with creating a new piece of work - what I call the blank page syndrome (or writers block), having this new approach of small steps has been really useful in keeping the fear at bay and creating a feeling of more freedom to explore. 

Here are the bars of music I came up with...

When I was in my late teens I would have said that my favourite composer of piano music was Debussy. I loved playing and listening to his music and I loved impressionist composers. I notice there are often fragments of this sound in the music I write. 

AuthorKatherine Rawlings