Recently I could see myself trying to write too much music, looking at the bigger picture and forgetting to focus on the smaller details. The big picture is overwhelming and hard to envisage all at once. Today I took a step back and rather than focusing on the overall theme (Section B) and how to fill out the music in the other parts with an accompaniment, I made the task smaller. I focused on each individual note of the theme and explored what other notes sounded good along side these individual notes. I feel a lot happier with what I produced today. Even though it feels like I produced less music, I feel like I've favoured quality over quantity which is what's important.  

One thing that helped with reducing the task was to print out only a small section of the theme and commit to not looking at anything other than this small section. I also removed myself from the computer to write by hand at the piano until I felt confident I had something substantial enough to work with.

AuthorKatherine Rawlings