Though I wasn't physically able to sit down and write music over the last few days, I was still thinking about my music and playing the main musical theme from "day 9" in my head over and over as often as I remembered to do so. I did this so that the theme and the way the theme sounds becomes as familiar to me as possible. This familiarity helps when expanding the theme or adding harmony in the other instruments. 

Today as I sat down to write, I started playing around with the main (day 9) theme on the piano. The notes around this theme evolved into what I envision as an accompaniment for the other interments and a conclusion for the piece. It's often easier not to write the music from start to finish but rather to write different sections. I have a beginning, I have a theme for the middle and I now have an accompaniment for the end. This may all change enormously as I develop the music further, but it's good in these early stages to have some semblance of a structure and an idea of where the music may be heading. 

AuthorKatherine Rawlings