In answer to your question, "What is that inspires you to write a new piece? Which things of Hong Kong have been an inspiration for you?" The thing that has been the biggest influence on my writing music is time. Having the time to write. Evie has started kinder (they start them young over here, she's only 2) which means I'm not looking after her all the time, I'm also not teaching, and I used to teach a lot in Melbourne. I have few friends here and no family, and so composing is what I do to keep myself busy. But the things that inspire me to write aren't influenced by Hong Kong so much, they are a lot more influenced by my friends and artistic connections like yourself. What kickstarted me back into composing was a friend who came to visit HK from Melbourne. I wrote a piece for her back in 2003 for her Masters Performance Recital. She suggested that I rewrite the same piece for percussion duo to make it accessible to more percussionists (and less difficult to play). I jumped at this idea and it seemed to snowball on from there. I get the occasional email from friends asking for music, and this gives me motivation to continue. I struggle to create just for myself. I want to connect with people, and so peoples interest in my music is what inspires me to write.  I guess you could say that living in Hong Kong has inspired me to write because of the isolation I feel from living here. I feel starved of connection, and so my music is an attempt to reconnect in someway. This is not meant to imply that Hong Kong is a lonely place. It is a friendly and vibrant city, but I miss my home in Melbourne. 

AuthorKatherine Rawlings