© Katherine Rawlings 2017

© Katherine Rawlings 2017

An Afternoon of Music - Winter Concert 2017

Featuring performances by the Linus Ensemble

Helen Bower (violin), Luca Vanags-Smith (horn), David Hiscox (piano), Katherine Rawlings (composer)


Concert Program

Elena Kats-Chernin: 1 Hymn and 4 Mostly Unison from Velvet Revolution for violin, horn and piano

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Romance No. 2 in F Major (Op. 50) for violin and piano

Lydia BuslerMoon Lillies for horn and piano

Vittorio Monti: Csárdás for violin and piano

Guest student performance: Anna Kosovac on violin (St Mark's concert)

Mendelssohn: Venetian Boat-Song No. 2 for solo piano

J.S.Bach and Charles Gounod: Ave Maria for piano and violin

Katherine Rawlings: Bloom for violin, horn and piano