Anthea's Garden Audiobook

Cover page pic.png
Cover page pic.png

Anthea's Garden Audiobook


This download contains a zip folder of twelve mp3 audio tracks of the Anthea's Garden audiobook and music.

This free download is exclusively for customers who have purchased the Anthea's Garden illustrated children's book. As this is a free download, you do not need to enter your credit card details at the checkout in order to receive the download. 

01 - Introduction.mp3
02 - Part I.mp3
03 - Asleep.mp3
04 - Part II.mp3
05 - Runaway Potplant.mp3
06 - Part III.mp3
07 - The Fairy Dance.mp3
08 - Part IV.mp3
09 - Insects.mp3
10 - Part V.mp3
11 - Asleep II.mp3
12 - Part VI.mp3

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Image © Simon Howe, words © Ailsa Wild, music © Katherine Rawlings all rights reserved. 

Music performed by Collision Theory: Amy Valent Curlis and Arwen Johnston

Music recorded by Frank Pearce