Setting Sail - string quartet - score


Setting Sail - string quartet - score


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Duration: 4.30 minutes

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There is no available recording of the 2014 edition of "Setting Sail". The below recording of the 1999 edition is very similar to the 2014 edition.  

Performance Directions

Where solo passages occur, performers may wish to improvise in a Celtic style using glissandos. In the event that the cellist or the violist find the spiccato rhythms too difficult to play, they may wish to replace any difficult bars with a simplified version of their own. 

Program Note

Although this piece was written for string quartet, I imagine different themes to represent different instruments. The piece opens with a theme that resembles the song of a uilleann pipe (Irish bagpipe) or a flute. This is followed by a bodhrán (Irish frame drum) drum-beat from the cello. Then the violins’ themes come in, and all the subsequent themes begin to compete with each other in what becomes a joyous Celtic dance.

Performance Information

Setting sail (1999 edition), was first performed by Marianne Broadfoot, Kerry Martin, Jo Tobin and Clare Kahn, in the concert tour Lucid Dreaming (Melbourne and Sydney) on the 10/02/2006.