While no one was looking - solo violin

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while no one samle.png

While no one was looking - solo violin


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Duration: 6 minutes.

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Performance Directions
slow gliss: exaggerate and lengthen.
bar not measured: indicates that the performer does not have to keep to the written tempo. left hand pizz: is indicated by a “+” below the given note.

Program Note

While no one was looking was written for the film: The Romantic Agony by L-Jay Krieger (Oct 2003), a short silent film with “strong gothic themes of master/slave and romantic agony” (Krieger). The themes in the music were written to convey the emotion being felt by the characters in the film.

Performance and Awards

The music for the film “The Romantic Agony” was performed by Eleanor Cameron. The first live public performance of the music was performed by Marianne Broadfoot in Lucid Dreaming – a concert of works by Katherine Rawlings, at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on the 10/02/2006.

The film was nominated for best soundtrack for the RMIT Creative Media Screen Awards 2003