Snow Rising - solo piano

Snow rising piano sample.png
Snow rising piano sample.png

Snow Rising - solo piano


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PDF of sheet music with program notes (A4 page size)

Music is 7 pages long.

Duration: 4 minutes

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This is the revised 2014 edition of Snow Rising (first published 2001)

Program Note

Written for Alison McKie and family.

Reflective of a struggle with cancer, this piece moves through several different moods: sadness, frustration, celebration of life, the waiting and finally, snow rising. The snow, symbolising a spirit of beauty and light, evaporates and rises up into the sky, finding peace and rest.

Performance Information
Snow Rising for solo piano was first performed by Rowan Vince in “Composers 2001: New Works by Katherine Rawlings, Damien Mizzi and Tony Tenace”, held in Melba Hall, at The University of Melbourne, Parkville, on the 25th of October 2001.

Snow Rising was arranged for string orchestra in 2004. The first performance of this arrangement was by the Trinity Chamber Ensemble in “Music by contemporary Australian and English Composers” at The Church of Transfiguration, Toronto, Canada on the 30th of May 2006.