Omoshiroi - cello duo - score

Omoshiroi sample.png
Omoshiroi sample.png

Omoshiroi - cello duo - score


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PDF of sheet music with performance directions and program notes (A4 page size)

It is easier to perform this music from the score and so parts have not been made available for this piece. 

Duration: 5 minutes

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Performance Directions
Separate parts have not been created for this piece, as it is easier to play from the score.

Expression in important and should be exaggerated. Performers should feel free to ad lib. if desired.

Bar 34 is unmeasured. The time signature has been included for notation purposes only.

Precise Instrumentation

Cello 1, Cello 2

Program Note

When writing this piece I was interested in exploring the different techniques I could use to convey humour, joy and silly fun. The techniques I used include: a moderately fast tempo, tonal harmony and thematic material, exaggerated expression, frequent changes in dynamics, tempo and metric pulse, staccato and pizzicato passages, and lots of ornamentation using slow and fast glissandos, harmonics, grace notes, trills and variation in vibrato. The piece is largely comprised of several different variations on similar motives or themes. Omoshiroi is a Japanese title meaning: interesting, funny and fun.

Performance and Commission Information

Omoshiroi was written for and first performed by Alister Baker and Chien-Hsju Ong live on 3MBS FM (community radio station, Victoria Australia) on the 9th of November 2010.