End Credits - mixed ensemble - score

End credits score sample.png
End credits score sample.png

End Credits - mixed ensemble - score


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Includes 12 pages of analytical notes

Duration: 2 minutes

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Click here to view the film "Red Lips and Yellow" by Iris Heller.  

Performance Directions

The original 2005 edition included a viola. In this edition the viola part has been omitted to make the violin and cello parts more interesting, and to reduce the required number of players. Bars 18 – 25 include double stopping in both the violin and cello parts. If the performers find this too difficult, a viola player may be added to play the top notes in the cello and the bottom notes in the violin for this section of the music.

Precise Instrumentation

Flute, Glockenspiel, Piano, Violin, Cello

Program Note

End Credits was written for the film “red lips and yellow”, a short silent film by German director Iris Heller. The film captures a series of dream-motives into a culmination of fragments and sequences, memories and experiences. The initial concepts (possible content) for the film were: garden, lion, corset women playing cards, water, bird, dance/waltz, death, children and flying. The film was largely collaborative and so the content of the film was influenced and conceived around the individual ideas of the cast and crew rather than being entirely limited to a single individual’s intentions. This collaborative process influenced both the style of the resulting music, the film’s final content (which changed marginally over the course of its production) and some aspects of the way in which the film was edited.

Red lips and yellow comprises a series of musical compositions (both notated and improvised) that were based largely on descriptions of concepts rather than images. Musical decisions were largely left up to the discretion of the composer with little in the way of restrictions. For this reason the resulting music’s representation of concepts was more personal and independent, even able to stand alone and be appreciated independently from the film. “Water”, “dance” and “music box” were the concepts initially chosen as a focus for the composition of short pieces of music for the film. In the End Credits, all the separate pieces composed for the individual concepts (Water, Dance and Lullaby) are brought together and consolidated into a single piece of music.

Performance, Commission and Awards

The music for Red Lips and Yellow was commissioned by film director Iris Heller. First screened on the 20th of July 2005 at the University of Technology, Sydney, the film was selected for the Golden Eye Award (2005) in the categories of Screen Music/Composition, Animation, Cinematography, Editing, and Sound Design.