Alone - solo piano

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Alone sample.png

Alone - solo piano


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PDF of sheet music with performance directions and program notes (A4 page size)

Music is 3 pages long.

Duration: 3 minutes.

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Performance Directions
The pedal is to be held for the duration of the piece.

Program Note
Alone was constructed around two scales, a whole tone scale starting on A (A, B, C#, D#, E#, Fx(G), Gx(A), Ax(B)), and the scale of C# major. It was written in Golden Section form with the point of golden section occurring at bar 21 when the theme returns to previous motives and variations on previous motives.

In the later years of my childhood, the piano pieces that had the most profound effect on me emotionally were by impressionist composers, such as Debussy and Ravel. In this piece I have attempted to create a similar kind of atmospheric, dreamy feel, reaching beneath the surface of consciousness, into a place of reflection.

The title 'Alone' is representative of what I imagine when I hear this music: different emotions that may rise to the surface, when you find that you are on your own.

Performance Information
'Alone' was first performed by Carmen Chan in 'Melbourne University Composers - a concert of new works', held in Melba Hall on the 9th of May 2000. 


Grade 4 level of difficulty.