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PDF of sheet music (A4 page size)

Music is 7 pages long. 

Includes 13 pages of analytical notes.

Duration: 5 minutes

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Performance Directions

-  Hold pedal for duration of piece.

-  Grace notes are an important feature in this piece. To improve readability, slurs have not been included with grace notes, and to avoid confusion, left hand grace notes have been written with down stems and right hand grace notes with up stems.

-  Both right and left hand staves should be treated as one line of music. For this reason, phrasing markings occur only on the top stave but they apply to both the top and bottom staves.

-  Both the right and left hand staves are in treble clef.


Program Note

Chime was initially conceived around a rigid structure of number combinations using the numbers. Using number combinations in the construction of music is uncommon in my work. I was curious to explore the effect of combining irregular (less commonly used) note lengths with regular bar lengths. (In this case the irregular note lengths 1, 3, 5, 7 combine into a regular bar length containing 16 quavers or 8 pulses in a bar). Once I established the strict structure of the music, I then modified it to bring a more personalised and less robotic feel to the rhythm and harmony. In this revised 2014 edition of Chime, the rhythm is doubled so that each note is twice as long, but the speed is also twice as fast so that it should sound the same as the 2006 edition. It was originally written in 16/8 with all notes occurring on one line, but in this edition it is written in 4/4 time, with notes separated into left and right hand staves. This was all done to simplify the readability of the music. A few changes have also been made to the harmony.